What is a soul message?

Listen to an example of a Soul Message:


It takes a brave soul to be willing to face the truth of their life. It takes a braver soul still to be willing to face their own Self.

Congratulations brave soul. If you are reading this your curiosity has brought you this far. Now, where it leads you next, how far you are willing to go, depends on you.

What is a soul message?

It is a message for your soul and from your soul. It is a message of deep love and support and caring, and joyful celebration of the person you are and the person you are becoming.

These messages are always loving, always uplifting, always deeply accepting of who you are, where you are, and the choices you’ve made.

A soul message can help lift your spirit, remind you of your beauty and gifts, and help you remember and grow your own connection to your Divine Self. Soul messages can also give you new perspective and understanding around specific situations and relationships in your life.

Who is the soul message from?

A soul message is from your soul, delivered through your spirit guides to my spirit guides, who then speak it through me. That is why in the soul message you will often hear your guides referring to themselves as a collective, for example: “We are so happy to be speaking to you in this way.”

Is this really a message from my Soul or Spirit Guides?

Use your heart to decide. Listen with your heart and feel if it inside you. Feel if resonates with your Soul. This is your most powerful discernment tool for these messages and any other teaching you encounter in life.

In each message there is hidden a clue. It is something the messenger – me as the channeller – doesn’t know about you or your life. And this detail is there for you so you can know this message is real and it is meant for you.

Can you see the details of my life or give me a more detailed reading?

No, I can not. I’m am not psychic or clairvoyant, (there are many others out there who are brilliant at this, but I am not.) And I do not know and can not see the specific details or circumstances of your life.

I receive messages of love very specific to you, triggered by the question you ask, and I deliver this message to you.

Can you see the guides when you channel them?

No. I can’t even see an apple when I close my eyes and try to imagine one!

Do you hear the voices of the guides?

No, I don’t. It’s almost like I “know” what to say next (similar to clairsentients). And with practise the gap between this “knowing” and my speaking the words have become smaller so I almost hear the words as I say them. This might be similar to automatic writing, but automatic speaking.

My specific gifts are related to words and knowing. For a soul message, I set my intention, declare myself ready willing and open, and start to speak.

Will the soul message be able to tell me my future?

Most probably not, because your guides will not take away your free will to make your own choices. And your future is not written in the stars. Your future is created moment by moment by the choices you and others make.

Why did the soul message not answer my question directly?

Asking a specific question is a great way to set an intention. And it can be frustrating when this question doesn’t get answered directly. Often the message you receive gives you tools you can use to solve your question yourself or understand what is going on better, instead of answering your question directly for you.

These tools then will empower you to understand or solve other situations in your life as well.

Message from the guides about asking a question and setting an intention:

Your question is important Dear One. Very important. We want you to ask your question. We want you to set your intention. This is the way we connect with you. This is the way you give permission for these conversations. This is how you make yourself vulnerable and open up enough to allow us to connect with you and be able to talk to your Soul.

Do you have a question about the soul message readings I do that wasn’t answered here? Please let me know!

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