Adamus Saint Germain – Global Virus Prediction

Transcription of video published by TheCrimsonCircle on 17 March 2020:

Aloha. I’m Geoffrey Hoppe for the Crimson Circle. Coming to you fro Crimson Circle’s Villa Ahmyo in Kona Hawaii.

Every year since 2014 Adamus Saint Germaine has been doing a planetary forecast called prognost where he looks into the next decade or so what’s going to be happening on the planet. It’s interesting and amazing information. And, well, a lot of it has come very very true in that first prognost in 2014. 

Recently with all the discussion, all the news with the coronavirus around the world we dug up some of this old information going back to this very first prognost that had to do with, well, a virus. We’d like you to take a look a look at this now and hear what he has to say about what was coming to the planet: 

“Let’s take a deep breath, I know this is kind of though, but it’s time. The virus that I talked about before, the potential – and it could be more than one, but it’s going to spread very quickly. This biological virus is actually manifested, was manifested, because of the consciousness virus. For those of you who have taken the sexual energies class you know there’s an imbalance, whether you call it masculenie-feminine, light-dark, there is an imbalance that was caused by that.

It was ultimately, truly, the imbalances about not loving thyself. And how many people really love themselves? How many? Not many. This is a planet of almost 7 billion people. It would probably take me a half day to name off the names of the people who really do love themselves. But I won’t. 

So the virus. It’s going to take a lot of lives in a very short period of time. But please have compassion and understand – I’d talk about it more tomorrow – may of these people were not ready, are not ready for this new era. And some of them will leave intentionally to make room, to make room for the possibility of the new earth and the old earth merging together. I’ll talk about that tomorrow. 

Please don’t panic. There’s a mourning that takes place, but it’s also, it’s an allowing really. It’s allowing them to leave.

And here’s what Adamus Saint Germain had to say about the Coronavirus very recently back in February 2020. We’re doing a workshop for a group of Shaumbra from South Korea that had come to the island here. And he had opened up the workshop talking about Coronavirus because it’s such a concern, well specially even then to the Koreans. But now it’s spread all around the world.“

Here is what he had said about the essence and the energy behind the Coronavirus:

“So let’s talk about this Coronavirus. Oh. Does it have you a little scared? Any virus is just about imbalance in human consciousness. Every virus, whether it is a physical or a mental virus. The virus doesn’t have an agenda, it’s just there because there is an imbalance. An imbalance. And it is there to clear that imbalance to try to bring things back into harmony.

Sometimes a physical virus is just as simple as a way of clearing out energy imbalances in your body. But we have this special crown virus, the coronavirus, right now. It’s doing a lot of things. It’s getting a lot of worldwide attention.

So what this is is it’s a very interesting virus. It’s there because of an imbalance in the economy of the world. It’s an economic virus, but it shows up as the flu. You see there’s a lot of imbalances on the planet right now with economy, finance. I mean it has been for a long time. But right now it’s really coming to the surface. 

There are a few who have a lot. And a lot who have very few. With the modern technologies that this planet has, there shouldn’t be the bottom billion, the ones in extreme poverty. Technology has the ability to provide an even playing field for everyone. As the technology sweeps across the planet it should be eradicating a lot of the economic imbalances. So everything is there for the planet right now, for humanity to have access, to have goods, to have food, to have medical supplies. But yet there’s still this corruption that’s causing the imbalance.

And that’s what this whole thing with the coronavirus is about. You know the crown, the royals, they have it and nobody else does. That’s why they call it the coronavirus. I mean, they didn’t think of that, but that’s the energy behind it.

So what’s this virus going to do besides: Be big in the news. Kills some people. Create a lot fear on the planet. And very few are really going to understand what the coronavirus really represents energetically, the overall concept behind it.

What this virus is really going to do in these months ahead is create a lot of economic disruption. Economic disruption, watch the news and see as plants – factories – all around the world close down. Entire cities close down. Cruise ships with nobody on them. Airplanes with hardly any passengers. Everybody is going to be sitting at home worrying about this thing, and it’s going to affect the economy. It’s going to affect the finances of the planet. For a while, and then it will come back, it’ll be okay.

But, with all the worrying, I wanted to help you understand what is really going on with this thing called the La Corona. Ultimately about an economic imbalance.”

So the question is what can we do about Coronavirus, other than taking the normal safety precautions, washing your hands, avoiding a lot of contact with other people, the important thing for all of us right now is to be in our consciousness. That is the work of the Crimson Circle, we work with Adamus Saint Germain to bring out our consciousness, to allow our energy to serve us, and simply to illuminate our light upon the planet. Not to try to force change. Not to try to inflict anything on anybody else.

But as we illuminate we shine our light out to others, it actually opens up possibilities that might otherwise have been in the dark. Possibilities for perhaps a cure for Coronavirus. Possibilities for an economic change on the planet. Possibilities for just about anything. And they come when you are in your consciousness, without agenda, illuminating yourself to all the rest of the world, opening up potentials that might have never been realised before. 

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